Customer Support

Snowshoe Farm is an alpaca breeding business. As such when we sell alpacas, we offer service and support to our customers both before and after the sale. We see the alpacas produced from our breeding program as our responsibility long after they’ve left our farm. We do not breed unless we feel we have the […]

Alpaca Shearing 2014

Done! Shearing is THE big spring chore at Snowshoe Farm and it feels so good to have finished. We shear early – usually the end of April – and, being spring in the NEK, the weather rarely cooperates. Generally, the alpacas have to endure a period of chilly temps before warmer spring weather arrives […]


Winter is finally loosening its grip on the Northeast Kingdom. The last remnants of the white stuff – those shaded locations where snow slid off the barn roof – are melting quickly. Apparently, the alpacas like their spring snow piles; these boys could not get enough of this yesterday!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for […]

Spring Alpaca Show Season Update

Snowshoe Farm is in the middle of our rather short spring show season (two shows). Nationals is behind us. At that event, we offered a yearling female, Snowshoe Ginger, for sale in the auction and are pleased to announce that the winning bidder was Hickory Meadow Alpaca Farm. We hope this beautiful daughter of Snowshoe […]

Cria Shearing

I’d venture to say that most alpaca breeders don’t shear their crias until the spring following the crias’ births. But those cria fleeces become messy very quickly as their fine, velcro-like tips attract hay and other debris. We’ve learned that we can get much cleaner and more valuable fleeces in the spring if we shear […]

Alpaca Shearing 2013

It’s over! And with the help of very good friends, shearing not only was not painful, it was actually fun! Many, many thanks to Larry from Twilight Ridge Farm, Jane from Berry Hill Alpacas and, last but not least, Kathy and Tracey from Foggy Bottom Ranch who went above and beyond to help us.

For […]

Treatment for Alpaca Skin Conditions

Most of us who have owned alpacas for any length of time have experience treating skin conditions. Diagnosing skin conditions has been difficult and there are a number of theories out there about the cause – or causes – of skin conditions. The symptoms we generally see are hair loss and toughened or crusty skin, […]

Thinking about Spring

No sooner are the holidays over and, instead of enjoying the relative quiet of winter on the farm, we are already faced with making decisions about and getting registered for spring alpaca shows. We have to decide which alpacas we will be taking to which shows so we reserve the appropriate number of pens. We’ll […]

Making Progress

Adding value to the fiber produced by our alpacas is an important part of our farm business. But finding time to sort through all the fiber during the busy spring through fall months is difficult. This year, our project (one of many!) has been to weatherize my fiber room in the barn. Insulation, new windows […]

Special Package Deal!

We’ve been watching this beautiful young female cria, Snowshoe Fancypants, tear around the pastures – she’s something else! Her fiber, we could see when we recently sheared her, is starting to crimp at the base and should be looking great by spring shearing. Fancypants is sired by our 8X Champion/Reserve Champion, Snowshoe Aristides.

As part […]