Baby Alpacas!

We’re in the midst of birthing season here at Snowshoe Farm. Now we get to see the results of the pairings we selected last year and that is one of the most rewarding parts of breeding. We have a few first time moms this year and there’s always a concern about that. To be honest, […]

New Cria from Snowshoe Farm

Here’s our newest offspring sired by our multi-champion, Snowshoe Aristides: Snowshoe Pleione. This photo was taken just as we were getting ready to shear her.

This little girl is a pistol. She’s gaining weight like crazy, leads the rest of her group out to pasture and is already chewing her cud at 2-1/2 weeks. That […]

First Cria of 2014

And she’s over a month early….

At 301 days gestation, she’s by far the earliest cria born at Snowshoe Farm. She’s small – only 11.4 lbs – but not frighteningly small. It took her about an hour to be able to hold herself sternal and about 4 hours before she managed to find her legs. […]

Alpaca Breeding 2014

Shearing season is coming to an end and that means it’s time for breeding season to begin at Snowshoe Farm! There are two sides to breeding season: breeding our own females and breeding females that belong to our clients.

Young male “practicing” his breeding skills

For our own herd, breeding begins with the decision-making […]

Spring Alpaca Show Season Update

Snowshoe Farm is in the middle of our rather short spring show season (two shows). Nationals is behind us. At that event, we offered a yearling female, Snowshoe Ginger, for sale in the auction and are pleased to announce that the winning bidder was Hickory Meadow Alpaca Farm. We hope this beautiful daughter of Snowshoe […]

Random winter ‘pacas

This is the kind of winter’s day we live for…sorta. It’s mild and sunny and the snow is perfect. But we know what comes next. Tonight’s forecast is for snow, then freezing rain, then rain. Things are gonna get ugly. So we take pics while things are lookin’ good.

Females alpacas enjoying […]

Show time…already?

The new year is barely underway and it’s already time to start registering for the spring alpaca shows. This year the AOBA National Conference will be held in Harrisburg, PA and that’s a lot closer to home than usual for nationals. So how can we NOT go to this show, even though we risk having […]

The “Barn Book”

You hear a lot about the equipment and supplies you need to have in order to properly care for your livestock. But it seems it’s often the little things – the simple things – that turn out to be the most-used and most-valued tools.

From day one of alpaca ownership, we have kept a 3-ring […]

‘Tis the Season

No, not that season – not yet!! But it’s always one season or another around here. For example:

It’s hay season! This time of year we are “on call” for hay. We don’t grow our own hay; we buy second cut hay from several local hay producers. It’s necessary to have a stretch of dry […]

Cria Shearing

I’d venture to say that most alpaca breeders don’t shear their crias until the spring following the crias’ births. But those cria fleeces become messy very quickly as their fine, velcro-like tips attract hay and other debris. We’ve learned that we can get much cleaner and more valuable fleeces in the spring if we shear […]